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GameLife is a fresh and fun children's discipleship ministry

that creates teachable moments by playing 

"every-child-participates" interactive group games

~ children are saying:
"aha, now I understand!" & 
"that was so much fun!"

~ parents are saying:

"my child loves coming to church" &
"I can see my child's spiritual growth"

~ leaders are saying:

"easy to lead yet so powerful"

GameLife provides churches with a fun and engaging way to get children excited about God's Truth and eager to apply it to their lives.


  • Get up and move experiential games, lively Bible discovery options with interactive discussions children will understand & remember.

  • Teaches God’s plan for redemption from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Flexible enough to be used for Sunday School, Vacation Bible
    School, midweek, individual events, or to add more excitement to
    your existing resources.

  • Use according to your needs:

  • Allows creativity teach the Bible to your students by individual story, or chronological events, or create your own series by a topic.

  • Customize the activities to meet the length of your class time.

  • Combine large and small group activities into one unit.

  • Dashboard: allows teachers to plan, prepare & present lessons from any connected device.

GameLife creates teachable moments,

Children will say "aha, now I understand!"


GameLife training sessions focus on One Main Truth from the Bible.


GameLife teaches students in Three Dynamic Zones:


Game Zone

In the Game Zone, students experience the One Main Truth.

We provide step-by-step game instructions so anyone can be an "Experiential Game Zone Master"


Discovery Zone

Life Zone


In the Life Zone, students

apply the One Main Truth.

We provide clear questions and even answers so anyone can be a "Life Application Zone Master"

Kadra P.

GameLIfe really changed

my life. It helped me be

braver with how I talked

to my friends and share

God with them.

It also helps me bring

my friends to Jesus,

I actually brought

a friend to Jesus last

week, and it helps me

know that I have

a safe place to go

besides home that I can go

and bring friends and we’ll

all have a good

time together.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.28.21 PM.png

Nolan B.

What I like about

GameLife is that I love playing games with my friends and then

it connects to

talking about God.  


I’ve learned that

God is like

a best friend

and I can pray to him

all the time.

And I love telling

people about Jesus

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.22.13 PM_edited.png
GameLife Transparent.png

    The GameLife Impact   



GameLife is a children's discipleship ministry that

Equips Children with the truth of God's Word, Empowers Leaders
Engages the Local Community

Children ages four to fourteen, learn best in fun engaging environments.  GameLife creates teachable moments allowing each boy and girl to personally experience and discover

the One Main Truth.

GameLife provides super simple step-by-step leader guides to train leaders to engage children through fun experiential games, fun-paced Bible discovery, and real-life application of
the One Main Truth.

Engage Communities

Empower Leaders

Equip Children

Games are universal, in every country around the world, children love playing games when your church offers GameLife it is a joy and
easy to invite friends and families to church.

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